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Denver’s First Choice for Complete Transmission Repair Service

We take pride in the organization and cleanliness of our transmission repair auto facility. We operate our auto repair facility with what we call an open door policy. This means that all of our customers are welcomed into the shop work area to speak to the technician working on your vehicle. This unique policy is "old school" making our customers feel right at home.

Call us today for details on scheduling a
FREE IN SHOP CHECK or just to ask questions:

Transmission Remanufacturing

All transmission remanufacturing is performed In House including crucial machine shop operations. When a transmission is being remanufactured we incorporate both mechanical updates and machine shop operations so that all our customers get the best in quality and workmanship. Any transmission repair is too much if it is for repairs that are not done right or misdiagnosed. Please call us for a free, accurate check procedure.


My transmission shifts late, won't shift or shifts erratic:

Many of these issues may not be directly related to the transmission and could be the result of something minor due to today’s transmissions being computer controlled. Speed sensors or electrical connections could be at fault. We have been satisfying customers in auto repair service for over 25 years by checking the simple things first. Our free auto repair check procedure takes between an hour and an hour and a half. This allows us to accurately identify the cause so you don't have to purchase anything more than what is needed, saving you time and money.Call for details.

Should I have my transmission flushed?

Flushing automatic transmissions can have an adverse effect. This process requires disconnecting the transmission cooler lines that flow fluid and connecting the flush machine. The machine is then turned on and under high pressure the fluid is pumped out until the fluid looks clean. The problem with this process is it causes contaminates in the transmission to be forced into areas where they don't belong. For example these contaminates, small particles of friction material or bushing material, are forced into the transmission filter causing a restriction. This can lead to transmission failure. The correct way to service a transmission is to remove the transmission pan, replace the filter, retorque the valve body and then refill the transmission. Many times we have seen a transmission flushed when there is a transmission problem, transmission flushing does not fix a problem, Time and Money are wasted.

My vehicle makes a funny noise

Many noises can be the result of something minor, like low fluid levels, loose brackets, bad mounts, cracked heat shields, or loose bolts holding important components. Identifying these simple issues can prevent serious problems from occurring. Call us for details on scheduling a free check procedure, we check all the simple things first saving you time and money.

What Factory Recommended Services do I need?

Preventive services and factory recommended services are the key to reliability and longevity of your vehicle. Factory recommended services versus what your vehicle needs can be two different things. Factory Recommended services are just that, recommendations, it doesn't mean your vehicle actually needs it. We compare your vehicles recommended services with our own free check procedure and come up with a plan that works best, and makes sense for your vehicle, saving you money. Call for details.

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